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The Importance of "Style"... when writing legal english

Thứ tư, 24 Tháng 9 2014 13:44

The Importance of "Style"... when writing legal english. Some of the most basic tips to remember when writing include:

  • Avoid the use of slang words
  • Try not to use abbreviations (unless appropriately defined)
  • Steer away from the use of symbols (such as ampersands [&])
  • Clichés should be avoided, or at the very least, used with caution
  • Brackets are used to play down words or phrases
  • Dashes are generally used for emphasis
  • Great care should ALWAYS be taken to spell the names of people and companies correctly
  • Numbers should be expressed as words when the number is less than 10 or is used to start a sentence (example: Ten years ago, my brother and I…). The number 10, or anything greater than 10, should be expressed as a figure (example: My brother has 13 Matchbox cars.)
  • Quotation marks should be placed around any directly quoted speech or text and around titles of publications.
  • Keep sentences short

While the above tips cover the most common mistakes made when writing letters, memos  and reports, they do not cover everything you need to know to ensure your written communications are accurate and understood. 

Last modified on Thứ sáu, 26 Tháng 9 2014 11:18
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Thich Attorney

Thich Do Ba is advising Clients on complex problems requiring strategic and multidisciplinary analysis. He is supporting local and international clients including blue chip companies, VN500 in pharmaceuticals, foods, finance, retail, banking, energy, insurance, media, retail and other industries. He is currently co-operating with famous law universities in Vietnam in helping their students to obtain legal practical experience.

Website: www.dobathich.name.vn
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